Barbara Weatherwax knows her subject like no one else. She earned her expertise the best way - with a lifetime of study and enjoyment of soft-gaited horses. Her enthusiasm is contagious to riders, breeders, trainers and readers. Her writings under the heading "Great Gaits" brings her insight and instructive information to a worldwide audience.

Barbara has never been far from a horse. In the months before she was born her parents rode horseback and took sleigh rides in the Illinois forest preserves. Her father propped her up on a horse before she could walk. By the age of three she was riding.

She attended Marymount- Loyola University and earned a bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts. While teaching in Los Angeles inner-city schools she maintained a separate career as an actress and singer in nightclubs and  Musical Theatre.

After an intense study of psychology as a graduate student at the University of Nevada at Reno , Barbara began a true advocacy for pleasure-riding horses as a vehicle for self-realization. Her ranch became a magnet for horse lovers searching for information. Over and over again she explained the difference between a running walk and a rack; and a fox trot versus a saddle gait. Her reputation as a wise and insightful teacher spread quickly. Her enthusiasm for sharing her expertise spurred the nine-year project of deep and careful research study resulting in the Fabulous Floating Horses, a tour de force "bible" for the gaited horse community. It is a wonderful read and a full-scale treatment of her subject. In it she charts the history of thirty soft-gaited breeds with hundreds of photographs and diagrams explaining the step patterns of the horse.

Barbara has examined horses throughout the United States and has held multiple credentials to inspect for numerous Gaited Horse Association. She has been invited to judge many All-Gaited Horse Shows and conduct clinics and workshops.

With her mantras: "It doesn't have to be a bad horse to be the wrong horse" and "enjoy the process," Barbara continues with her passion to teach and bring validation to those who love horses and want to interact with them safely. She always responds to questions and the need for information and support. and on Facebook: The

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