The soft-gaited horse is a natural wonder. There are so many choices for the gaited horse fancier. Within the ranks of gaited horses, one can find any size, any color and a multitude of gaits. Remember, it doesn't have to be a bad horse to be the wrong horse - and conversely, it doesn't have to be a great horse to be the right horse.

The important issue is that the horse and the horse-owner/rider be matches. Soft-gaiteds as a category, are kind by nature. It's important to realize there are many more attributes that constitute a terrific partner.

I've divided the book into three sections. In part one, I examine issues that relate to gaited horses as a category. In part two, I present the many different breeds (30) that share the one important characteristic: soft-gaiting. In part three, I look at several activities and associations focused on the soft-gaited horse.

You can read THE FABULOUS FLOATING HORSES from cover to cover - or in bits and pieces - or just pour over the pictures. But please enjoy and appreciate these marvels of horse flesh!‚Äč

‚ÄčAbout the book: